Agenda and minutes

Rutland SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) - Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017 4.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Catmose, Oakham

Contact: Kit Silcock  01572 720976

No. Item



Dear Father,


We thank You for everyone here and we ask for Your blessing and help as we are gathered together.

Fill us with Your Holy Spirit, guide us and inspire our hearts.

Fill our lives with Your love and Fill our conversations with Your grace and truth.

We ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.




The opening prayer was read by Mr Andreas Menzies.



The Chair and Vice Chair shall be chosen from the members of the Rutland SACRE and shall be elected at the first meeting in each academic year.


It was proposed by Mrs Stephenson that Miss Waller would continue in her role as Chair. The proposal was seconded by Mr Menzies.


It was proposed by Miss Waller that Mrs Stephenson would continue in her role as Vice Chair. The proposal was seconded by Mr Menzies.




1.    Miss Waller would be Chair of the Rutland SACRE for 2017-2018.

2.    Mrs Stephenson would be Vice Chair of the Rutland SACRE for 2017-2018.





To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Rutland SACRE held on 4th July 2017 (previously circulated).


The Minutes of the Rutland Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) held on 4th July 2017 were confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.



SACRE: Actions from meeting held on 4th July 2017.





Person Responsible


106 i)

Mrs Amanda Fitton is to follow up on setting up a web page for SACRE on the Rutland County Council website, and when complete Mrs Fitton would mention the web page in the bulletin sent out to schools.

Mrs Fitton


106 iii)

The Chair asked that an email be sent to Mrs Eileen Ray to check whether the contact details we had for her were correct.

Mr Silcock


107 ii)

It was proposed that a separate network meeting be setup for those that could not attend the current 13:00 meetings.

Mrs Fitton


107 iii)

The Chair recommended that Mrs Fitton speak with a Mr Rob Gooding, one of the executive heads of the academy chains, he was keen to engage and wanted one representative to cover his schools, which include: Whissendine, Langham, Cottesmore, and Ketton.

Mrs Fitton


107 v)

Mrs Fitton to work on the new development plan and would send through for the next meeting.

Mrs Fitton


107 vi)

It was suggested that a survey could be done to find out what schools wanted to put forward for the development plan. Mr Silcock to send a copy of the previous survey that was sent out, to Mrs Fitton.

Mr Silcock


109 iv)

Mrs Fitton and Dr Martyn Smith will arrange to meet each other to discuss Catmose’s feedback and their role with the syllabus.

Mrs Fitton & Dr Martyn Smith


111 iii)

The Chair suggested that it would be worth talking to Ms Gill Curtis regarding approaching schools that had not engaged yet.

Mrs Fitton



During discussion the following points were noted:


      i.        Mrs Fitton is to follow up on talking with Ms Gill Curtis regarding approaching schools that had not engaged yet with the Network Meetings.

    ii.        All other actions from the previous meeting were confirmed as complete.



Discussion led by Amanda Fitton.


During discussion the following points were noted:


      i.        Mrs Fitton was going to approach humanists at another SACRE meeting tomorrow, and had been speaking with a Sikh regarding membership and was waiting to hear back.

    ii.        The Chair suggested writing to the Quakers in Oakham regarding membership. Rvd Jones would speak with a contact he had at the Quakers.

   iii.        Mrs Fitton had looked into the census and there was a small percentage of Muslim, Sikh, and Hindu. It would be good to have one to represent families.




Discussion led by Amanda Fitton.


During discussion the following points were noted:


      i.        The last development plan was lengthy so Mrs Fitton had a go at making it shorter and more in line with Peterborough’s.

    ii.        If schools wanted to pilot the agreed syllabus, they would need to contact SACRE.

   iii.        Assessment tools for the agreed syllabus had gone out to primary schools via the SACRE newsletter.

   iv.        There was an extremely poor turnout from schools for the Network Meeting held on 02 October 2017 despite it being publicised on flyers.

    v.        Work being done for Whissendine Primary School to hold a whole school multi-faith day on 29th January 2018, with different faiths being there to host a number of activities.

   vi.        Ms Curtis happy to support with Network Meetings by speaking with Headteacher Local Authroity Partnerships, and advertising on bulletins.

  vii.        Work was being done to give training to school Governors, and raising the profile of SACRE.

viii.        Mrs Fitton to create a flyer taking information from the SACRE newsletter and Network Meetings, and how it all fitted it. Will send this to Mr Silcock to distribute.

   ix.        Mrs Fitton would get a SACRE newsletter organised for each half term and send out to Rutland schools.

    x.        Ms Walker to attend the Headteacher briefing on Monday 9th October 2017 to publicise the Network Meetings.

   xi.        The development plan would be referred to over the year and would be an on-going item on the agenda.

  xii.        Mr Toner was having troupble organising trips for Religious Education as it could only be done during the specific lesson time. Mrs Fitton would have a word with Ms Curtis about talking to Headteachers regarding blocking time for tips to happen.



Ms Curtis left the meeting at 5.00pm and did not return.




Discussion led by Amanda Fitton.

Additional documents:


During discussion the following points were noted:


      i.        The Agreed Syllabus Conference was held on 21st September 2017 where the schools that were piloting the new agreed syllabus was discussed. Minutes from this would be circulated.

    ii.        A letter would be going out regarding updates as to what was happening and thanking everyone that had taken part.

   iii.        There were currently 20 schools piloting the new syllabus.

   iv.        The agreed syllabus would need to go to the 9th April 2018 full Council to get approval.

    v.        On Thursday 3rd May 2018, the agreed syllabus would be launched at the Marriot Hotel in Huntingdon; this would involve key note speakers and workshops throughout the day to help support teachers with the implementation of the new syllabus. The launch would be able to host 180. Ms Walker would bring this up at the Headteacher meeting on Monday.

   vi.        Revd Jones agreed to proof read syllabus documents, making sure it read professionally.

  vii.        The Chair noted that if anyone had questions regarding the syllabus, that they feel free to email onto Mrs Fitton. Mr Silcock would circulate Mrs Fitton’s email address to the group.

viii.        Mrs Fitton to ask the Cambridgeshire SACRE clerk, Kerri McCourty, who could join the Cambridgeshire Knowledge Hub.

   ix.        The Chair would speak to Ms Curtis how much time schools were allocating to Religious Education.



Discussion led by Amanda Fitton.


During discussion the following points were noted:


      i.        There was a disappointing turnout to the meeting on 02 October 2017, despite flyers sent out. In a survey done last year, it was noted that schools wanted the meetings to happen.

    ii.        Mrs Fitton requested that we contact the RE leads rather than the headteachers. Ms Walker would try to get leads from the headteachers meeting on Monday. The Chair noted that there should be a list of RE teachers on the Council’s file system in the SACRE folder. Mr Silcock would look into this and send out emails asking if the contact details were up to date.

   iii.        At present, the Network Meetings were aimed at Primary schools. Mrs Fitton would talk with Dr Martyn Smith and Mr Toner regarding getting Secondary schools involved with the meetings.

   iv.        Mrs Fitton would let Ms Walker know of the date of the next Network Meeting by next week.




      i.        The Chair discussed the latest National Association of SACREs briefing and that there would be a report published this term called ‘Religious Education for all’ which detailed key issues with current curriculum etc. There would be a join conference between NASACRE and the Association of Religious Education Inspectors, Advisers and Consultants (AREIAC) in Birmingham. Mrs Fitton to ask if anyone could attend as there could be an impact on the new agreed syllabus.

    ii.        At present, Rutland SACRE pay £95 a year to be in the NASACRE. It was going to be decided at next year’s NASACRE annual meeting whether a £10 increase would be introduced. Members of the group agreed that this increase would be acceptable.

   iii.        Inter-faith week would start on Sunday 12h November.

   iv.        Mr Silcock would send a copy of the Rutland SACRE newsletter to Mr Toner.

    v.        Mr Silcock to circulate login details for the NASACRE website to the group.

   vi.        Mr Silcock to check whether the Rutland SACRE Annual Report was sent to NASACRE.

  vii.        Mrs Stephenson volunteered to collate any updates that can go on the agenda.

viii.        The next NASACRE conference would take place on 24th May in London. Mrs Fitton and the Chair would likely attend.



The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 9th January 2018, 4.30-6.30pm in the Council Chamber, Catmose.


The next meeting of the Rutland SACRE will take place on Tuesday 9th January 2018 at 4.30pm in the Council Chamber.