Agenda and draft minutes

Rutland SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) - Tuesday, 19th March, 2019 4.30 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Catmose, Oakham

Contact: Kit Silcock  01572 720976

No. Item




GROUP A – Representatives of other Churches and Faiths

Mrs J Barnwell

The Baptist Church


GROUP B – Church of England Representatives

Rev Rachel Watts

Peterborough Diocese


GROUP D – Local Education Authority Representatives

Mrs Lucy Stephenson

Rutland County Council (Councillor)




Ms Katy Walker

Rutland Headteachers’ Forum




To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Rutland SACRE held on 15 January 2019 (previously circulated).


The record of the meeting of the Rutland Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) held on 15 January 2019 was confirmed as a correct record and signed by the Chair.



(5 MINS)



Person Responsible

Mrs Fitton had now got a contact for a Mosque and would enquire if they were interested in sending a representative to join Rutland SACRE.

Mrs Fitton

Mrs Fitton would send through a SACRE update to Ms Curtis for the education bulletin.

Mrs Fitton



·         Mrs Fitton would chase up her Mosque contact to find out if they were interested in sending a representative to join Rutland SACRE.

·         Mrs Fitton would also ask her Sikh contact regarding joining Rutland SACRE.

·         The Agreed Syllabus was currently on the Rutland County Council website. Mrs Fitton would send updates through to Mr Silcock to upload to the website. Mrs Fitton and Mr Silcock would work together to make sure it was kept updated. Ms Curtis would include in the Education Bulletin that the Agreed Syllabus was on the RCC website and was being updated.


The Agreed Syllabus along with further information regarding Religious Education in Rutland can be found using the following link:


·         All other actions were completed.




The Chair introduced Mr Andrew Hull to the group. He would be joining SACRE as the Humanist representative, taking over the role from Ms Julia Ewans.




(30 MINS)


All to discuss the latest version of the Development Plan and suggest items for inclusion on the 2019/2020 version.


During discussion the following points were noted:


      i.        Mr Silcock would include the Rutland SACRE Constitution on the Development Plan under the ‘Management of SACRE & Partnership with LA’ strategy. The Constitution would also be included on the agenda of the next SACRE meeting.

    ii.        The Chair noted that as there was uncertainty as to whether she would be a member of SACRE after May due to the local elections, the Chair would go through the Rutland SACRE constitution and raise questions for the next meeting.

   iii.        Regarding an engagement plan for how SACRE engages schools more widely, a small group of members from Rutland SACRE would put together an engagement plan for future meeting.

   iv.        The Chair noted she had written to Rob Gooding, Chief Executive of the Rutland Learning Trust, asking if he would come to a future SACRE meeting to discuss SACRE and how SACRE can engage more with schools regarding religious education.

    v.        The Chair suggested to Ms Curtis that on the feedback form for the RE conference in May, that a section be included for asking how attendees would like be engaged, along with what else could SACRE be doing and how they can contribute to the workings of SACRE.

   vi.        Mr Silcock would amend the ‘Effectiveness of Locally Agreed Syllabus’ date to ‘To be reviewed at each meeting’.

  vii.        The list of visits and visitors for all schools had not yet been done, and would be acknowledged in the Annual Report.

viii.        The ‘Review of Collective Worship’ section date could now be changed to 19/20 rather than ‘TBC’.

   ix.        The RE Conference evaluation and impact on the development plan will be an item on the agenda for the July SACRE meeting.

    x.        It was suggested that the previously discussed item for a future SACRE meeting regarding PREVENT be included for the October meeting.

   xi.        The documents produced following the Ofsted framework consultation would be available in September. SACRE would review the documents in the October meeting.

  xii.        It was suggested to have standing agenda item to review the effects of RE in the wider curriculum.



(30 MINS)


All to discuss.


During discussion the following points were noted:


      i.        The chair had gone through last year’s Annual Report and updated it for 2018/19. The Annual Report would cover from April 2018 to April 2019.

    ii.        Ms Curtis would go through what had been done so far and would include Ofsted and SIAMS inspection reports from over the past year.

   iii.        Mrs Fitton would speak to Langham Primary School to get statements from children regarding their experience with RE.

   iv.        Ms Curtis suggested presenting a video to the Children and Young People Scrutiny Panel when the Annual SACRE Report is taken, showing children talking amongst themselves about RE.

    v.        Ms Curtis and Mrs Fitton had previously been unable to students studying media at Catmose College to record a video as the timings did not run with their curriculum.

   vi.        Previously at Scrutiny Panels, students coming in to talk about RE had gone down well with the Scrutiny Members.

  vii.        The Chair would speak with Katy Walker regarding getting input from Ryhall’s ethics committee run by children of different ages.



(10 MINS)


Mrs Amanda Fitton to provide an update regarding the National Association of SACRE (NASACRE).


During discussion the following points were noted:


      i.        The NASACRE conference would take place on Wednesday 22 May 2019 in Manchester.

    ii.        Revd Holmes offered to attend on behalf of the members of Rutland SACRE and would be happy to report back to the group regarding the conference at the following SACRE meeting. Mr Silcock would make the booking for Revd Holmes to attend the conference.

   iii.        An email from NASACRE was circulated to the group last week regarding the Ofsted Inspection Framework consultation. The Chair would fill out the consultation survey on behalf of the group.



(10 MINS)


Mrs Fitton and Ms Gill Curtis to provide an update regarding the Religious Education Conference to be held on 1 May 2019 at Greetham Valley Golf Club.


During discussion the following points were noted:


      i.        Mrs Fitton was waiting to find out the final figures of those who would be able to attend the conference and would then be able to confirm the workshops. Invitations had been sent out to Rutland Primary schools and other nearby counties.

    ii.        The Chair stated she would be happy to attend and make the welcoming speech and would stay for the key note speakers.

   iii.        Mrs Fitton would send details of the conference to all members of SACRE who were also welcome to attend.



(10 MINS)


Mrs Fitton to provide an update regarding the Religious Education Network.


There had not been a Network meeting since the last SACRE meeting. The Chair stated she had attended one and appreciated the work being done at the meetings.



(10 MINS)


Mrs Fitton to provide an update regarding the Agreed Syllabus.



Mrs Fitton stated she had been working on a European project that looked at religion across Europe and was designed for KS3/4/5. Further information could be found using the following link:





·         SIAMS have a new framework, which was significantly different to previous frameworks and there was some concern that some schools were not comfortable with it as it seemed simply a box ticking framework.

·         Mrs Fitton noted that SIAMS inspections had started again with the new framework. The Chair noted it would be useful to have someone come in to talk to the group about the new SIAMS framework in October before Rutland schools had been inspected and invite schools and governors to the meeting.

·         The Chair thanked the group for their support and contributions over the past financial year.



Dates to be confirmed at Annual Council


Tuesday 9 July 2019

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Tuesday 21 January 2020

Tuesday 17 March 2020


Dates to be confirmed at Annual Council


Tuesday 9 July 2019

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Tuesday 21 January 2020

Tuesday 17 March 2020