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Parish Council Forum - Monday, 29th January, 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Catmose, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6HP. View directions

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The Chairman welcomed all parish representatives to the first Parish Council Forum of the year.




Apologies received as isted above.

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To confirm the Notes of the Parish Council Forum held on 02 October 2017.


The Notes of the Parish Council Forum held on 2 October 2017 were confirmed by parish representatives and signed by the Chairman.



To discuss any matters arising from the Parish Council Forum held on 02 October 2017.


At the last Parish Council Forum there was a presentation regarding the Electoral Review. The Local Government Boundary Commission for England’s consultation for the Electoral review ends on 19th February 2018, with any comments to be sent directly to them.


It was noted that the latest letter submitted by Rutland County Council could be found on the Council website at:






To receive updates from parish representatives on organisations they represent which might be of interest to other members of the Forum.



      i.        Mr Derek Palmer – Exton and Horn Parish Council raised concern regarding street light compensations. Rutland County Council had offered compensation for all updated street lights. Exton had replaced 18 lights in 2012-18, which in total cost £12,500. The total compensation received was £2888, which came to 23% of the original cost. Mr Palmer felt that this was not a fair compensation. The Chair noted that he would pass this on to the relevant person.


    ii.        Mr Paul Cummins – North Luffenham read out a statement regarding the development of St George’s Barracks.


Please find the full statement attached.


   iii.        Mr David Hodson – Greetham Parish Council noted that the current Local Plan did not take into consideration new developments such as St George’s Barracks. It was asked whether the development would be in addition to the number of new houses proposed in the Local Plan or would it be taking some of the development proposed.


The Chair noted clarification would be sought.


Post meeting comment from Mr Roger Ranson – Planning Policy Manager (RCC):


There is no definitive answer to this question at the present time.  Currently, we do not have any certainty on the nature, quantity, potential timing, and impact on infrastructure to determine what we can include in the new Local Plan.   These matters are being considered alongside the Government’s recent consultation on housing need.  We will be producing a new version of the Local Plan which will be subject to consultation under Regulation 19 of the Local Plan regulations and so will look to brief the Parish Forum at the appropriate time.


   iv.        Mr Jake Atkinson – Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Local Councils mentioned that in response to feedback from Parishes, there would be two training events held at Rutland County Council, one would be Councillor Training that would take place on 30th August. Details of which could be found at the following website:


The next General Data Protection/Freedom of Information training would take place on 24th September 2018, 10am-1pm. Further details could be found at the following website:


The new General Data Protection Regulations would come into effect on 25th May 2018. A 12 step guide to the new regulations can be found at the following website:

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To receive an update from Rutland County Council


20 minutes for presentation and questions.


Link to Rutland County Council’s budget papers (Cabinet 16 January 2018):



Mr Sav Della Rocca – Assistant Director (Finance) for Rutland County Council, provided the Forum with an overview of the Rutland County Council Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan.


Please find the full presentation attached.


The following points were noted:


      i.        More information could be found on fly-tipping in the quarterly annual performance reports that the Council publishes. If land with fly-tipping is owned by Rutland County Council, then the Council would remove it, however if the land was not owned by the Council, then the land owner would need to remove it themselves.

    ii.        The Council does monitor general waste, if there was an increase spike in general waste after the cost to green waste collection was introduced, the Council would investigate.

   iii.        Concerning the proposed increase in “Council Tax” of 4.99% 3% of the increase is general Council tax, the remaining 2% wasfor Social Care.

   iv.        Various deputations had been sent to Westminster regarding gaining additional funding from Government.

    v.        Any profits generated from units at Oakham Enterprise Park (OEP) would subsidise other services.

Further questions could be forwarded on to Mr Della Rocca at


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40 minutes for presentation and discussion.


To receive a presentation from Richard Littlejohns, Clerk for Barrowden Parish Council.


The gap between local authority development control and privatised building control bodies; problems arising from the separation of the planning process from building regulations.




Mr Richard Littlejohns gave a presentation regarding the gap between local authority Development Control and privatised Building Control bodies; problems arising from the separation of the planning process from building regulations.


Please find the transcript of the presentation attached.


During discussion the following points were noted:


      i.        It was noted that the Sustainable Community Act was extended to cover Parishes a few years ago. It was a route for Parishes to forward suggestions to the Government.


Further information regarding the Sustainable Community Act and how to submit proposals can be found at the link below:


    ii.        This was a national issue, not just Rutland. The Planning department at Rutland have to work from inherited rules from Government.

   iii.        It was suggested to raise concerns in the form of a report from the Parish Council Forum, and push it through the Sustainable Community Act.

   iv.        Mr Bacon, Clipsham Parish Meeting, proposed the setting up of a Task and Finish Group, to investigate what could be done within RCC to improve the communications between the Development Control department and Building Control Services, so that similar situations to those experienced by Barrowden can be avoided in future. The Task and Finish Group would also raise their concerns in the form of a report from the Parish Council Forum, and push it through the Sustainable Community Act.


Those interested in being a part of the Task and Finish Group, should forward on their interest to Rutland County Councillor Gordon Brown at



Development Control and Building Control Transcript pdf icon PDF 42 KB



To receive the Parish Briefing Paper on issues currently affecting Rutland (to be circulated at the Forum).


Parish Clerks and Representatives are asked to display the document on parish notice boards.


The Parish Briefing Paper for 29 January 2018 was circulated at the meeting.



To consider any other items of business which parish representatives may wish to raise.


Mr Mark Andrews, Deputy Director for People at Rutland County Council gave an update regarding the Rutland One Public Estate.


There were concerns on the future of health services in Rutland, with NHS England only planning 3-5 years in advance. NHS money and Capital Investment is currently limited and something was needed to be done. The Council would look at the public estate owned by the Health, Police, and Fire Service, and would see if it was possible to use the land in a different way. The land value of certain places could be used to reinvest back into development. The One Public Estate would look to bring services to one site, integrated reception areas, and staff working together.


The Council was looking to involve the community, and would look at community participation groups where people would be able to speak on behalf of communities. Mr Andrews mentioned that the Council wished to involve parishes in discussions, however it was noted that it wasn’t possible for all to be on the group, but representations were welcome.


Mr Andrews asked that those interested in getting involved with discussions regarding the future of health services in Rutland, forward on their interest to



Monday 16 April 2018


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Monday 16 April 2018


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