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Schools' Forum - Thursday, 30th March, 2017 4.00 pm

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Minutes and Actions from the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 143 KB

To confirm the minutes of the meeting of the Schools’ Forum held on 12 January 2017. The attached minutes include an amended item 5 in light of comments received following the circulation of the draft minutes.



The minutes of the meeting of the Schools’ Forum held on 12 January 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated, were confirmed as a true and accurate record of the meeting, subject to the following addition to Item 5 - DSG Overspend on the High Needs Block & Early Years Funding Update


5.2       Clarity was sought regarding the DSP funding for 2017/18.  It was noted that the current DSP arrangements will be honoured for the forthcoming financial year and this will be reflected in the budget being submitted on 20th January 2017.  It is recognised that this funding will put additional financial pressure on the High Needs Budget which could be up to £300K overspent by the end of the coming financial year if significant adjustments are not made to the rate of spending, particularly on out of county placements where there are vacancies within Rutland provision. This SEND provision is currently being reviewed and the Local Authority will be working with schools to address this issue over the coming year.  It is acknowledged that if this overspend cannot be accommodated through reduction in costs, this will be recovered from the School’s Budget.


Matters arising:

Mr Smith advised that the Secondary School Headteachers had sent a joint letter to Sir Alan Duncan, MP for Rutland and Melton setting out their concerns regarding the proposed funding formula, receipt of which had been acknowledged.




Declarations of Interest

In accordance with the Regulations, Members are invited to declare any personal or prejudicial interests they may have and the nature of those interests in respect of items on this Agenda and/or indicate if Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.



No declarations of interest were made. 



Petitions, Deputations and Questions

To receive any petitions, deputations and questions received from Members of the Public in accordance with the provisions of Procedure Rule 217.


The total time allowed for this item shall be 30 minutes.  Petitions, declarations and questions shall be dealt with in the order in which they are received.  Questions may also be submitted at short notice by giving a written copy to the Committee Administrator 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.


The total time allowed for questions at short notice is 15 minutes out of the total time of 30 minutes.  Any petitions, deputations and questions that have been submitted with prior formal notice will take precedence over questions submitted at short notice.  Any questions that are not considered within the time limit shall receive a written response after the meeting and be the subject of a report to the next meeting.



No petitions, deputations or questions were received from members of the public.



2016/17 FUNDING UPDATE pdf icon PDF 78 KB

To receive 2016/17 Funding Update (including High Needs)

Additional documents:


Ms Greaves introduced the paper Schools Budget 2016/17 Update and invited questions. Schools’ Forum NOTED the contents. During discussion the following points were made:


4.1      The High Needs forecast overspend had reduced significantly to that forecasted in Q3. Ms Curtis advised that predicting the funding required was always difficult as student numbers were unknown and changed throughout the year, and the types of placement required and their location was difficult to determine. It is anticipated that, moving forward through the Inclusion Strategy, closer working between the Local Authority and schools will enable more accuracy is establishing and predicting needs.


4.2      Schools’ Forum has previously agreed that any overspend at year end will be recouped from next year’s budget. Mr Williams asked when would schools know how much they would be required to pay back. It was AGREED that Ms Greaves would prepare an update based on the current forecasted overspend of £41.4k, and circulate this to schools as a guide.


4.3       Mr Williams commented inaccurate forecasting did have an impact on schools’ decision making for budgets, as they were setting aside funds to cover potentially higher overspend that did not then materialise.  Mr Della Rocca acknowledged inaccurate forecasting was not satisfactory, and advised that proposed changes to forecasting methods should improve the situation. Dr O’Neill suggested and it was AGREED that a briefing paper explaining new forecasting methods should be presented at the next meeting.





Mrs Turner invited comments from members, but it was noted that there had not been any recent significant announcement from the Government about the funding formula proposals, and the consultation period had only just ended.



Election of New Chair


A communication had beenpreviously circulated to members inviting nominations for the position of Chair of Schools’ Forum, to be received by Wednesday 29 March 2017, 5pm. Two nominations for Chair had been received for Mr Carl Smith, who accepted and will take up the position of Chair from the date of the next meeting. Schools’ Forum acknowledged that Headteachers would hold both Chair and Vice Chair positions.



Charging Mechanisms for Schools and Academies pdf icon PDF 276 KB

To note and discuss RCC Education Improvement Service – Services for Schools 2017/18


Ms Curtis introduced the paper RCC Education Improvement Service – Services for Schools 2017-18, and advised that this had been presented for comments at the recent Headteachers, partnership briefing. Schools’ Forum NOTED the contents.


Any Urgent Business


Mrs Turner raised an issue from the recent Headteachers briefing relating to the Rutland banking system. Some primary schools believed they had not received in full their balances when they converted to academies. Ms Greaves advised it was her understanding that all schools received in full the balances they were due including interest earned during the year up to the point of converting to an academy. Ms Greaves AGREED to check and clarify the situation at the next meeting.



Date of Next Meeting

Thursday, 8 June 2017, 4.00pm – 5.00pm in the Council Chamber, RCC, Catmose


Proposed Agenda Items: to be confirmed




The next meeting will be held on Thursday, 8 June 2017 at 4.00 pm at RCC, in the Council Chamber.


Proposed agenda items:


For information, the following additional meeting date has been previously agreed for 2017:

Thursday 21 September 2017