Agenda item


To receive Report No. 19/2020 from the Cabinet on recommendations referred to the Council for determination and to note the Key Decisions taken at its meetings held on 15 October 2019, 19 November 2019 and 23 December 2019.


Report No. 19/2020 was received from the Cabinet.


Mr G Brown introduced and moved the recommendations in the report. Mr Hemsley seconded the recommendations.


1)    Council NOTED the Key Decisions made by Cabinet since the publication of the agenda for the previous meeting of the Council on 14 October 2019.


2)    15 October 2019

Decision No. 326

Report No. 152/2019

Council Tax – Empty Homes Premium


During debate the following points were noted:


                      i.        The properties which relate to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) are owned by Allington and leased back to the MOD. MOD properties pay a contribution from the MOD in lieu of Council Tax. There are voids in rented housing. Allington will have voids and the MOD within that. Mr Cross noted that private landholders should not be penalised when the Government have properties unoccupied.

                    ii.        The contribution made by the MOD is based on a national recognised formula.






a)  That the premium for long term empty homes be set as follows with effect from 1st April 2020:


·      100% for properties that have been empty for more than two years

·      200% for properties that have been empty for more than five years; and

·      From 2021/22 onwards, 300% for properties that have been empty for at least ten years


b)  That the Strategic Director for Resources be given authority to waive the premium if the empty home was actively and genuinely being marketed for sale or rent or being renovated for occupation in accordance with the procedure in Appendix B of Report No. 152/2019.


3)    19 November 2019

Decision No. 381

Report No. 170/2019

Quarter 2 Financial Management Report

Mr G Brown introduced and moved the recommendations. Mrs Fox seconded the recommendations.


During debate the following point was noted:


Mr Oxley noted that the half hour free parking in towns made an impact and was successful, and encouraged it to continue.




That Council APPROVED to remove two projects from the capital programme: Officers Mess and OEP Phase 2.


4)    23 December 2019

Decision No. 396

Report No. 185/2019

Housing Infrastructure Fund Bid Update


Mr G Brown introduced and moved the recommendations with the amendment that the decision be brought back for Cabinet to make, with an popportunity for Scrutiny to look at the.


During debate the following points were noted:


                      i.        The viability of the project without the HIF bid would require rework of the project and a new master plan, but would unlikely stop the project.

                    ii.        The Local Plan process would continue on its current basis even if the HIF bid was not accepted.

                   iii.        Members suggested that the decision should be made by Council rather than Cabinet and that Council should have all the information of the terms and conditions from Homes England so the Council could make a decision with all the facts and figures.

                   iv.        Ms MacCartney proposed an amendment to defer the debate until there was sufficient information for the Council to make judgement.



The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 21:03 and reconvened at 21:12



                    v.        Ms MacCartney withdrew her amendment

                   vi.        Mr G Brown proposed an amendment to his original proposal so that the HIF Bid would go back to Cabinet once more details on the terms and conditions had been received from Homes England. The decision would then come back to Council with a full debate following a recommendation from Cabinet.






That Council APPROVED for the decision to be deferred until final details of the terms and conditions could be confirmed.

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