Agenda item


Karen Kibblewhite, Commissioning Manager Health and Wellbeing, to update the Board on the progress of the Rutland Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS).


Dr. Hilary Fox, from the Primary Care Network, to update the Board on Active Rutland and the Obesity Strategy as part of the JHWS.


Dr Kath Packham, consultant in Public Health updated the board on the progress of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS).


During discussion the following points were noted:


·       Due to the Covid pandemic, the timeline previously discussed had been delayed. This was due to the partners involved being diverted to Covid work and also relevant groups not meeting regularly to be able to respond to the consultation exercise.

·       At the last board meeting in March of this year a draft report listing the priorities of the strategy had been agreed on. These were: Active Communities, Getting people more physically active – a best buy for medicine, Starting well and living well for longer – a whole life approach, Improving health for all, and How will we know if we have made a difference.

·       Dr Packham proposed that the timing for the new strategy be moved forward by a year so that a draft version would be bought before the Board at the meeting on the 30 March 2021 with a final version being signed off in summer 2021.

·       Dr Fox asked whether a completely different approach to the Strategy should be taken considering how much the world had changed in the last few months. In addition the Government had launched a new Obesity Strategy that needed to be a major part of a new JHWS.

·       The draft priorities already set out were still relevant and Dr Packham felt that the healthy weight agenda should be given a separate focus and not rolled into the same strategy, especially given the links between obesity and Covid.

·       Councillor Harvey was mindful of the fact that there were a lot going on in Rutland with consultations on the Local Plan and the UHL reconfiguration, as well as the Covid situation, and agreed that more time was needed to get the best engagement.

·       It had originally been discussed that rather than a single formal consultation, officers would link in and engage with lots of different representative groups and feed into the JHWS as it was being developed.

·       Dr Fox felt that the changes that the local CCG had undergone and the strengthening of the HWB should be part of the Strategy.

·       Because of the importance of physical activity, it was suggested that it might be appropriate for Active Rutland to report into the Health and Wellbeing Board as it would be an important vehicle for the delivery of the JHWS’s aims. Ms Kibblewhite stated that this would be a Council decision however that did not mean that the Board could not draw Active Rutland in closer so that it could have more of an impact and suggested that Robert Clayton, Head of Culture and Registration and Active Rutland be invited to future meetings.




1.    That a refreshed draft JHWS which would take into account Covid and the changes to the CCG would be brought to the January meeting of the Board. In addition there would be a proposal on which groups should be contacted and how the engagement was to be conducted.

2.    The Governance officer to invite Robert Clayton to the next meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board.