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Decisions published

13/01/2020 - School Places Capacity and Feasibility Study ref: 578    Recommendations Approved

There are current in year admission pressures for all three secondary schools for places in Year 8 and Year 10. There are 570 places in total identified in the 3 secondary school admission arrangements and associated funding agreements. All three secondary schools have already taken at least one additional child over this number and there are currently 575 reported to be on roll across the schools:

o Catmose College Y8 PAN 210: NOR 211 *
o Casterton College Y8 PAN 180: NOR 182 *
o Uppingham Community College (UCC) Y8 PAN 180: NOR 182 *

*Published Admission Number (PAN)
*Number on roll (NOR)

We have also completed a school capacity projection over a 10-year period (2019-2029) including the proposed St George’s development and Stamford North.

The 10 year projections for secondary school places do show there will be additional pressure on these places due to the probable number of secondary school age pupils from St George’s starting to filter through between 2027 and 2029 on top of the pressure already identified and potential pressure from the Stamford North proposed development. Initial modelling including the Stamford North development indicates there is enough surplus capacity in the Stamford primary schools (based on their 2019 SCAP) and the new school to place all of these children. Therefore we do not predict any children requiring placements in Rutland schools due to lack of capacity in the primary sector.

We do, however, need to recognise the implications of pressure at secondary school level if the yield from the build pre-dates the expansion of Stamford Welland. If we make the assumption that 200 houses will be completed per year from 2021, then Welland Academy would not have enough capacity to place 24 children, therefore these will most likely attend Casterton.

If this forecast were to be extended beyond 2029, the trend of being increasingly over capacity would likely continue for around six more years as St George’s is built to completion (bearing in mind the assumptions made about build rates).

Decision Maker: Chief Executive

Decision published: 17/01/2020

Effective from: 13/01/2020


The Council wishes to commission a multi-disciplinary consultant to undertake a feasibility study to investigate expansion options for school growth at the three secondary schools situated at Catmose College, Oakham, Casterton College, Great Casterton and Uppingham Community College, Uppingham.

The feasibility study will include an analysis of all three secondary school sites in terms of location and condition of the facility and the reality of whether the project would require extension to current buildings or re-building of some or all of the site. This will give us an accurate understanding of the most appropriate site for potential expansion to meet need within the secondary school phase, and the level of funding required to deliver the associated pupil place planning requirements.

The cost of the initial phase will be circa £36,000 and will be funded from Schools Capital Maintenance.

A full report will be taken to cabinet once the feasibility is completed.

Lead officer: Mrs Helen Briggs