Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Council Tax Resolution06/09/2019For Determination24/02/2020
Council06/09/2019For Determination24/02/2020
Council Tax - Empty Homes Premium06/09/2019For Determination11/11/2019
Award of Contract for the provision of full fibre (gigabit capable) network upgrades to public sector buildings in Rutland06/09/2019For Determination14/10/2019
Rutland County Council Annual Report 2018/1909/08/2019For Determination09/09/2019
Council02/08/2019For Determination20/01/2020
Council02/08/2019For Determination14/10/2019
Cabinet Recommendations to Council02/08/2019For Determination11/11/2019
Appointment of Vice-Chairman of Committees - Amendment to the Constitution & Appointment to Outside Body02/08/2019For Determination09/09/2019
Cabinet Recommendations to Council26/04/2019For Determination09/09/2019