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Part 1 - Summary and Explanation pdf icon PDF 589 KB

A full overview of the Rutland County Council Constitution.


Part 2 - Articles 1 to 15 pdf icon PDF 698 KB

The Articles of the Council set out the basic rules governing Council business. More detailed procedures, protocols and codes of practice are set out in Parts 4 and 5 of the Constitution.


Part 3 - Scheme of Delegation pdf icon PDF 890 KB

This part of the Constitution sets out the responsibilities of the Council, those functions that the Council has reserved to itself, those elements that have been delegated to the Cabinet, general and specific delegations to officers.


Part 4 - Procedure Rules pdf icon PDF 1 MB

These Rules of Procedure set out the framework of how meetings are organised and conducted and provide a regulatory framework for financial and employment matters.


Part 5 - 1. Codes and Protocols - Introduction pdf icon PDF 331 KB

This part contains the Codes and Protocols that have been agreed and approved by the Council. They provide a framework for ensuring good practice and compliance with the law arising from individuals taking part in and carrying out duties in connection with Council functions.


Part 5 - 2. Codes and Protocols - Members Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 552 KB


Part 5 - 3. Codes and Protocols - Officers Code of Conduct pdf icon PDF 790 KB


Part 5 - 4. Codes and Protocols - Members and Officers Relations pdf icon PDF 276 KB


Part 5 - 5. Codes and Protocols - Members Planning Code of Good Practice pdf icon PDF 415 KB


Part 5 - 6. Codes and Protocols - Public Speaking Scheme for Planning Applications pdf icon PDF 167 KB


Part 5 - 7. Codes and Protocols - Petition Guidance pdf icon PDF 368 KB


Part 6 - Members Scheme of Allowance pdf icon PDF 749 KB

This sets out the Allowance Scheme that is available to Members of the Council.


Part 7 - Corporate Leadership Team Structure Chart pdf icon PDF 53 KB

The Council’s senior officer structure chart.


Part 8 - Financial Procedure Rules pdf icon PDF 1000 KB


Part 9 - Contract & Grants Procedure Rules pdf icon PDF 745 KB


Glossary and Index pdf icon PDF 124 KB

A Glossary and Index of the common terms used in the Constitution