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Cabinet - Tuesday, 18th July, 2017 9.30 am

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There were no announcements from the Chairman or Head of Paid Service.


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In accordance with the Regulations, Members are required to declare any personal or prejudicial interests they may have and the nature of those interests in respect of items on this Agenda and/or indicate if Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 applies to them.


No declarations of interest were received.





To confirm the Record of Decisions made at the meeting of the Cabinet held on 20 June 2017.


The Record of Decisions made by the Cabinet on 20 June 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated were confirmed by Cabinet.



To receive items raised by members of scrutiny which have been submitted to the Leader (copied to Chief Executive and Democratic Services Officer) by 4.30 pm on Friday 14July 2017


The Chairman had not been formally notified of any items raised by Scrutiny.

Mr Mathias informed Cabinet that item 8 – Consultation of Future Healthwatch provision had been moved to be first on the agenda to accommodate members of the public in attendance.



Report No. 137/2017


Report No. 137/2017 from the Director for People was received.


The Portfolio Holder, Mr Clifton, introduced the report, the purpose of which was to provide Cabinet with the current provision of Healthwatch services, future intentions and the request to use consultation to inform the future planning of the service.


During discussion the following points were raised:

    i.          The current contract with Healthwatch had been extended, to allow time for the future planning of the service; there would be no impact on the current service.

   ii.          This would be a 6 week consultation across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR).

 iii.          The consultation would be conducted using the following methods:

·         Survey Monkey (online survey)

·         Leaflets distributed to stakeholders (e.g. GP surgeries)

·         Posters displayed at public locations (e.g. Libraries)

·         Tweeting

·         Rutland County Council (RCC) Website

   iv.        Officers had requested assistance from Healthwatch with the consultation by promoting it in their Newsletter and engaging with current Service Users.

    v.        Consideration would be given to running an open public meeting to support the consultation process and to maximise general public coverage to those who may not be aware of Healthwatch.

   vi.        A soft marketing exercise would be run concurrently with the consultation and would be advertised online (Contracts Finder). This was a pre-procurement exercise that would help to determine the specification requirements for the service.




1.      Cabinet APPROVED officers’ request to undertake a consultation with stakeholders and members of the public on the future provision of Healthwatch as set out in Sections 4 and 5 of Report No. 137/2017.


Reason for Decision

1.    The Council needed to consider the most appropriate provision of Rutland’s Healthwatch service from 1 April 2018. There were several options of how the service might be commissioned in future.



Ms K Kibblewhite left the meeting at 9.45am








Report No. 132/2017

Additional documents:




Report No. 132/2017 from the Director for Places (Development and Economy) was received.


The Portfolio Holder, Mr Hemsley, introduced the report, the purpose of

which was to provide Cabinet with the draft Local Plan which was recommended for Cabinet approval for the purposes of conducting initial non-statutory public consultation.


During discussion the following points were raised:

i.             Mr Foster asked that Mr P Phillipson’s details were removed from the report as he no longer works for the Council and Mrs Briggs – Chief Executive would need to be added.

ii.            Mr Ranson confirmed that the General Consultation Bodies that RCC consider appropriate to consult with are set out in the Statement of Community Involvement. This had previously been approved by Cabinet.

iii.           The consultation would take place over 8 weeks and in the following ways:

·                     8 Roadshows

·                    2 briefing had taken place at the Parish Council Forum and an additional 2 hour briefing was taking place on 3 August 2017 for Parish Councillors.

·                    Hardcopy information available at Libraries and at the Council offices.

·                     RCC Website

iv.           Mr Ranson informed Cabinet that due to the consultation taking place over the summer holiday period the Planning Policy team would take late comments. Mr Mathias asked for a date to be applied to the time period that late comments would be accepted.

v.            The allocation of land for housing would be reviewed annually to ensure the Council was meeting the need within the County.

vi.           An Employment Land Study had been completed and was kept under review. 29 hectares had been allocated which included a buffer on 9 hectares.

vii.         Mr Ranson informed cabinet that with strong land allocations in place, if future planning applications are not policy compliant this would give a good basis to refuse permission.

viii.        Mr Ranson confirmed that additional clarification had been added to the document regarding windfall sites, there was a reduced in the requirement from windfall sites than in the previous Local Plan.

ix.           The number of houses on each site was calculated using a standard methodology net density calculation; this was subject to change depending on the design of planning applications submitted.

x.            Mr Ranson confirmed that RAMSAR sites are wetlands of international importance designated under the RAMSAR Convention, named after the city in Iran where this convention was first made in the 1970s. Rutland Water is a designated RAMSAR site which means under Government policy that a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) of plans and planning applications is required to consider the impacts of plans and proposed development on this site. This would be added into the Glossary within the report.

xi.           Concern was raised with regard to housing land allocated within Ryhall. It was suggested that a meeting with the Parish Council would be of benefit. Mr Ranson informed Cabinet that the draft document looks at the principle of land use. A meeting could be arranged in the future when a developer was in place.

xii.         Mr Ranson encouraged all members of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 157.



Report No. 128/2017



Report No. 128/2017 from the Director for Resources was received.

Mr Della Rocca, Assistant Director - Finance, introduced the report, the purpose of which was to provide Cabinet with how the Council had performed against the Strategy and whether the Council had met key performance indicators.

During discussion the following points were raised:

     i.        Mr Della Rocca confirmed that the only external borrowing that RCC had was a Salix loan of £420K. Consideration had been given to the potential to pay back this loan, but there was no business case to do so at present.

    ii.        The figure for the Enterprise Partnership Loan on page 364, paragraph 3.4.1 of the report was to be amended to £630,000.

   iii.        Cabinet members commented that the Council should look for low risk investments and exercise caution within the next few years.



1.    Cabinet NOTED the actual 2016/17 prudential indicators within the report.


2.    Cabinet NOTED the treasury management stewardship for 2016/17.

Reason for Decision

1.    The report summarised treasury management performance in the year and met the requirements set out in the Treasury Management Strategy for 2016/17 linked to the Council’s Budget, Medium Term Financial Plan and Capital Plans.






Report No. 97/2017


Report No. 97/2017 from the Director for Resources was received.


Mr Della Rocca, introduced the report, the purpose of which was to advise Members about the additional rate reliefs that central government was putting in place to support rate payers who had been most affected by the revaluation; to outline of the Councils Discretionary Revaluation Rate Relief Policy and explained how this relief would be funded and administered; and to ask Cabinet to delegate authority to the Assistant Director – Finance in conjunction with the Portfolio Holder for Growth, Trading Services and Resources (except Finance) to finalise the draft policy set out at Appendix A following any further guidance from central government.


During discussion the following points were raised:

       i.       Following increased Rates, Central Government had put in place 3 new Rate Relief Schemes:

·         Support for Small Businesses

·         Business Rate Relief Scheme for pubs; and

·         Discretionary Relief Scheme

    ii.        All 3 schemes were cost neutral to the Council.

   iii.        RCC had taken the decision to follow the Valuations Offices classification for pub so to identify businesses eligible for rate relief.

   iv.        Concern was raised regarding the number of pubs (33) that are currently receiving this rate relief was low and if any other businesses would be eligible.

    v.        Mr Della Rocca was consulting with Mr M Waik - Strategic Communications Advisor regarding a potential press statement regarding the additional schemes that are now available.

   vi.        Consultation with Leicestershire Fire Authority had taken place due to their 1% share of the precept.




1.    Cabinet APPROVED the policy detailed at Appendix A to Report No. 97/2017.


2.    Cabinet AUTHORISED the Assistant Director - Finance, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Growth, Trading Services and Resources (except Finance) to determine finalise, and review the Discretionary Revaluation Rate Relief Policy and other rate relief schemes in line with guidance issued by the Government and further local schemes relating to non-domestic rate relief as advised.


3.    Cabinet APPROVED the classification to be used for public houses as detailed at 4.2 of Report No. 97/2017.

Reason for Decision

1.    The Government expected local authorities to have in place quick and clear arrangements to administer and award reliefs to ratepayers. Officers were therefore seeking delegated authority to determine and finalise revaluation support schemes for 2017/18 and subsequent years.



Report No. 138/2017




Report No. 138/2017 from the Director of Public Health was received.


Ms J Mavji - Consultant in Public Health, introduced the report, the purpose of

which was to provide Cabinet with details of the proposed model for delivery and re-procurement of integrated sexual health services across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) from 1 January 2019 when the current contract period ended.


During discussion the following points were raised:

       i.       There was no sexual health service provision at St Georges Barracks. Ms J Mavji would confirm to Cabinet if service users attend the outreach clinic at Kendrew Barracks outside of the meeting.

      ii.       Cabinet expressed their support to hold a stakeholder event in Rutland as part of the consultation. Mr Mathias asked for this to be progressed.

        iii.          The acronym GUM used on page 397, paragraph 3.6 of the report stands for genitourinary medicine.

    iv.       Mr Sandys confirmed that legal advice had been provided and the appropriate Governance is in place to mitigate most risks.

      v.       Mr Sandys would confirm to Cabinet that there was a ‘breach clause’ within the contract and it could be used if any of the 3 partners reduced their commitment or pulled out of the agreement at any time.




1.    Cabinet APPROVED the proposal to undertake a joint re-procurement of integrated sexual health services with Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council.


2.    Cabinet APPROVED the proposed draft model for Integrated Sexual Health Services from 1 January 2019 for consultation with key stakeholders in Rutland alongside the consultation in Leicestershire and Leicester City. Whilst changes to the Rutland delivery model were not significant, this gave opportunity for Rutland stakeholders to respond to changes in Leicester City and Leicestershire localities that potentially impacted Rutland residents.


3.    Cabinet APPROVED the revised integrated sexual health services delivery model and procurement framework to be brought to Cabinet post consultation for final approval.


Reasons for Decision

1.    Provision of open access sexual health services was the statutory responsibility of upper tier local authorities. Provision of appropriate sexual health services to meet the health needs of Rutland residents would have positive impacts for individuals, families and communities.

2.    The Rutland Sexual Health Needs Assessment, Sexual Health Strategy 2016-19 and review of current service data had been used to inform the future model for delivery of integrated sexual health services from 1 January 2019.

3.    In order for the procurement process to commence the model and procurement plan needed to be agreed by Cabinet.

4.    The proposed delivery model did not significantly change services in Rutland. However, it was recommended that stakeholders in Rutland were consulted on the proposed model alongside Leicester City and Leicestershire County Council’s consultation processes.

5.    A final delivery model and procurement framework would be brought to Cabinet for final approval post consultation.



To receive items of urgent business which have previously been notified to the person presiding.


No items of urgent business had previously been notified to the Chairman.